TV Shows I’m in the Middle Of

I watch a lot of TV. Sometimes I’m asked about shows, so here’s a list of every program I’m currently watching and a 10 word description. This isn’t every show I’ve ever watched, they are all either currently running, or I haven’t finished every season. So incredible shows like Breaking Bad aren’t included.

See what the ratings mean here.


Show NameShow StatusMy Progress10 Word ReviewOverall Score
Modern FamilyBroadcasting Season 6Up to Date (Season 6)Mostly funny and relatable, although slightly stale in later seasons. 7
Arrested DevelopmentNetflix OriginalUp to Date (Season 4)Favourite comedy with hilarious cast, smart writing, attention to detail.9
ArcherBroadcasting Season 6Up to Date (Season 6)Outrageous and offensive, but hilarious. Beautifully animated, crazy and addicting.7
VeepOn BreakUp to Date (Season 3)Brilliant political comedy. Rude and smart, cast are comedy geniuses.8.5
New GirlBroadcasting Season 4Up to Date (Season 4)Generic, but somewhat funny. Cast is hilarious, story is frustrating.7
The Mindy ProjectBroadcasting Season 3Up to Date (Season 3)I love Mindy, but few other characters. Unique; mostly funny.6.5
Brooklyn Nine-NineBroadcasting Season 2Up to Date (Season 2)Promising, hilarious new comedy, alike to P&R and The Office.7.5
Rick and MortyOn BreakUp to Date (Season 1)Brilliantly funny, under appreciated cult animated sci-fi from Community creator.8
Silicon ValleyOn BreakUp to Date (Season 1)Pretty funny show filled with geeky references. Lots of potential.7
PortlandiaBroadcasting Season 5Up to Date (Season 5)The craziest show I have ever seen, yet irrationally hilarious.7.5
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaBroadcasting Season 10Up to Date (Season 10)Controversial, racy and unique, with hilariously lovable, awfully despicable characters.8
Bojack HorsemanNetflix OriginalUp to Date (Season 1)Smart, layered, often charming and moving, and an incredible cast.7.5
CommunityBroadcasting Season 6Up to Date (Season 6)A daring, unique and heartwarming comedy. One of the best.8.5
TogethernessBroadcasting Season 1Up to Date (Season 1)Promising new HBO show, although I can't see it lasting.7
The Thick of ItShow EndedSeason 3 of 4 CompleteLike Veep, this is an extremely funny look inside politics.8

Also recommended, but that I’ve finished and are no longer broadcasting: The Office (U.S.), Parks and Recreation, Gavin and Stacey, The Office (UK), The Royle Family.


Show NameShow StatusMy Progress10 Word ReviewOverall Score
House of CardsNetflix OriginalUp to Date (Season 2)Dark, evil, witty, smart. How political dramas should be made.8.5
Orange is the New BlackNetflix OriginalUp to Date (Season 2)Funny, feel-good, smart and original. Absolutely fantastic new show.8
HomelandOn BreakSeason 3 of 4 CompleteInsanely tense, but so irritating. Writing continues to be mediocre.6.5
The WireShow EndedSeason 4 of 5 CompleteRich in emotion and realism, it's profound and often perfect.10
24Show EndedSeason 5 of 9 CompleteVery clever, seasons vary in quality. S5: brilliant, S4: mediocre.7
SherlockOn BreakUp to Date (Season 3)So, so much fun. Episodes are far too long though.7
Mad MenOn BreakSeason 1 of 6 CompleteMakes you want to drink and smoke. It's really good.7.5
Game of ThronesOn BreakUp to Date (Season 4)So entertaining, so exciting, so violent, so intense, absolutely brilliant.8.5
True DetectiveOn BreakUp to Date (Season 1)Rich dialogue, spectacular direction. Best show on TV right now.9
HannibalOn BreakUp to Date (Season 2)Always entertaining, stupid, but mouth-wateringly gory(?). Eerie, twisted and dark.7
Six Feet UnderShow EndedSeason 0 of 5 CompleteClever, funny and progressive. Great cast, and dangerously dark comedy.7
Better Call SaulBroadcasting Season 1Up to Date (Season 1)A apt prequel to the best drama of all time.tbd

Also recommended, but that I’ve finished and are no longer broadcasting: Breaking Bad, Luther, Dexter (Seasons 1-4).


Note, if a season is complete, it’s likely I’ve started the next one, and if no seasons are complete, I’m watching the first. *Shows without ratings are deemed incomparable with other shows in the table, for a variety of reasons. Impractical Jokers is not a sitcom, for example.