The state of Android tablets: Google need to either fix their injured tablet platform, or let it die

The Middle Ground on Android Tablets: Only one [tablet optimised feature] remains in Android Lollipop: the ‘UI Framework for creating great tablet apps’ that was released in 3.0.  Now, the default Android home-screen has literally no tablet optimised elements, everything acts the exact same as if it would on a smartphone, just larger. I’m not sure if […]

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The Problem with The Magazine

Marco Arment’s ‘The Magazine’ is an ambitious foray into digital publishing, full of insightful, well written and entertaining writing, and I respect it greatly1. But there are fundamental problems which need addressing, especially with The Loop’s magazine release today. Is there such thing as ‘too niche’? The Magazine has never been a technology magazine, and […]

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‘Macs are for Idiots’, said the Idiot

If the term ‘fanboy’ wasn’t so hated, I would say that this post is by a fanboy, about fanboys, and will be incredibly fanboyish. When I talk to people about technology, often there’s a strong vibe against Apple, and Macs[1], mostly from the geeks. They assume two things, Apple products are overpriced and their products […]

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Google and Design

The Verge:

Google’s process is quintessentially Google and happened in a quintessentially Google way. Larry Page mandated that there be a new design focus to get the ball rolling, but instead of micromanaging at every step he let his employees to do the rest — guided by an empowered, core team of designers. They organized themselves in a typically Google structure: cross-discipline, informal, but driven to achieve a goal.

While the Eric Schmidt era was perhaps best known for “don’t be evil,” Page’s Google might soon be defined by “don’t be ugly.”

When we say that Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services, we’re not slamming Apple, we’re giving a satisfied nod at Google. The design team at Google, while very seperate and sporadic, are so passionate about what they do, they’re making Google, who are famously bad at design, staggeringly good at it.

This great read from The Verge reveals just how far Google have come, and makes us really optimistic about the future. Jony Ive: hold tight.

Criticising a Competitor is the Worst Way to Advertise

So, you have this brand new, spectacle of a product, it is bound to make you lots of money, and you now need to put money towards advertising it. You could highlight it’s features, what makes it a cut above the rest. You could even (if you don’t mind being slightly annoying, and portraying your […]

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