Samsung May Finally Tone Down TouchWiz

Re/code, After Google Pressure, Samsung Will Dial Back Android Tweaks, Homegrown Apps: This is especially significant because the Google apps bind tightly together. Google has apps for pretty much all the most important functions on a phone or tablet — email, messaging, maps, storage, browsing, reading the news, finding and consuming media — and they […]

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Using Wood in Phone Design

The Verge report on Motorola’s thought process when introducing a ‘wood’ material on the Moto X: “It’s a different way of thinking about products,” Ken Tomita tells me. He’s the co-founder of Grove, one of the very first iPhone case-makers, and a self-proclaimed “guy who knows way too much about wood.” Our gadgets are precious […]

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The Problem with Acquisitions

The surprise acquisition of iOS app ‘Mailbox’ by cloud storage company Dropbox caught the tech world off guard this week. They are two different products with contrastive business models, and have added to the long list of start-ups recently sold to bigger companies willing to either exploit or support small businesses. It is arguable that […]

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Seeing Through the Novelty of Google Glass

Today, Google finally revealed the interface for their ‘cyborgesque’ headset, and it’s remarkable. Many of us tech geeks realised today, that however embarrassing it would be to be an early adopter of this device, it’s in many of our dreams to own one. There’s no need to pull our phones out of our pockets when […]

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Apple’s ‘iWatch’: Entering an Industry it’s Impossible to Dominate

Apple like dominating industries. They’ve done it multiple times with the iPhone and iPad, and next they’re expected to control the living room with a TV. But recent contention has surrounded rumours of an iWatch. Bloomberg, when reporting on these rumours, has suggested that other companies will follow Apple’s likely venture into watches and wearable gadgets, […]

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A few notes on the future of the Blackberry

Blackberry have launched the Z10, their first device running Blackberry 10, an all new operating system which will directly compete with the likes of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It has virtually no relation to previous Blackberry software which is famously clunky and unintuitive. The reviews aren’t amazing, but they all agree that the new […]

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Google and Design

The Verge:

Google’s process is quintessentially Google and happened in a quintessentially Google way. Larry Page mandated that there be a new design focus to get the ball rolling, but instead of micromanaging at every step he let his employees to do the rest — guided by an empowered, core team of designers. They organized themselves in a typically Google structure: cross-discipline, informal, but driven to achieve a goal.

While the Eric Schmidt era was perhaps best known for “don’t be evil,” Page’s Google might soon be defined by “don’t be ugly.”

When we say that Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services, we’re not slamming Apple, we’re giving a satisfied nod at Google. The design team at Google, while very seperate and sporadic, are so passionate about what they do, they’re making Google, who are famously bad at design, staggeringly good at it.

This great read from The Verge reveals just how far Google have come, and makes us really optimistic about the future. Jony Ive: hold tight.