Review Scores

First and foremost, we never accept payments or incentives for reviews. Ever.

We rate out of 10, using .5 increments, but scores are not set, and can and will be updated, for example, if new episodes of a TV show are released. The scores represent the following:

1.0 – Fundamentally broken or flawed. Shockingly poor execution.

2.0 – In some ways this is promising, however execution is extremely poor.

3.0 – Has potential. Generally poor execution, with few redeeming factors.

4.0 – While not quite ‘good’, this has some sporadic good elements, and is enjoyable. Below average.

5.0 – Satisfactory in most respects. Not recommended, but will hold some positive factors.

6.0 – Often good, with sporadic, excellent factors hampered by many compromises or unn. Promising execution.

7.0 – Good. This shows much promise, and execution shows only some compromise. Recommended.

8.0 – Very good. Few compromises. Room for improvement but negatives don’t significantly detract from the overall experience.

9.0 – Very good with outstanding features. Possible improvements are trivial. May have some, very minor annoyances.

10.0 – Outstanding. While not entirely perfect, we can’t think of very much better this could do. Phenomenal. Gold Star!