How Not to Send an Email

So, I received this email a few days back, and after ranting on Facebook, I thought I’d bring my dismay here. This, is how NOT to send an email.

Believe it or not, I get quite a bit of email, and I like to sort it with labels and flags, so I know what is what, what I do and don’t have to reply to. So having a subject line of ‘READ ME’ is frustrating and annoying. Maybe the word ‘subject’ would have given a hint into what is supposed to be typed there. Even ‘Read me if you are interested in the environment’ would have been better. Come on.

But that is not the worst of it. The content of the email is in 100% capitals. CAPITALS! Not only does this portray you as yelling at me, it just isn’t nice to read. Capitals are meant to highlight words, if everything is in capitals, it is impossible to skim read. The twitter account @capscop, is such a brilliant idea, and they should really have a chat with the sender of this email.

And it isn’t just capitals which make this confusing; it is the bright green font colour. Possibly the most offensive green that could have been chosen, plagues most of the email, except the words ‘Green Society’, which is written in black.

Also, thanks for ending most of the sentences with exclamation marks. You really were shouting weren’t you.

If you’re going to spam my inbox. Do it properly.