Dropbox Slashes Pricing, Adds Features

Dropbox made some exciting announcements today:

We don’t want you to worry about choosing the right plan or having enough space. So today, we’re simplifying Dropbox Pro to a single plan that stays at $9.99/month, but now comes with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space.Simple collaboration is one of the reasons people choose Dropbox Pro, but we’ve heard you ask for more ways to protect the stuff you share. That’s why we’re bringing new sharing controls to Dropbox Pro.

Finally Dropbox bring their service in line with Google Drive, a service that offers the same price plan. Personally, while I like Dropbox, I’ve settled with a combination of Drive for documents (where I have 100GB of storage), Flickr for photos (1TB comes free) and I’ve recently moved from CloudApp to Droplr, for fast sharing of any file with no storage restrictions. Droplr also has password protection like Dropbox.

Dropbox seems to be a hugely popular service, and I see it as a great all-round solution for most cloud storage needs. But there are rivalling companies who do better work in certain areas, and so using more than one often gives a better experience than using just one service to cover all your needs. I can’t recommend Dropbox unless you want the ultimate convenience, which isn’t a bad thing.