I’m Voting Labour on 22nd May. Here’s Why, in Brief

Don’t jump to any conclusions. I’m ideologically more matched with the Liberal Democrats, and I dislike Ed Miliband. But right now, Labour are the only party that make any sense to me. The only party that has the influence to make changes I actually like. So here’s why I’m choosing a party I one despised, in no order of importance.

Because it’s not the General Election. Ed Miliband continues to appear pathetic, and distanced. He would make a bad Prime Minister. But we’re not voting him into office, we’re voting for his ideals in Europe. So who cares who the leader is?

To withdraw UKIP’s influence. Labour currently, by a small margin, lead the opinion polls in the run up to this election. They are UKIPs biggest competition, so are the best party to vote for.

They want to say in Europe. Avoiding the specific details, UKIP’s claim that the EU does more damage than good is preposterous, when British industry and even small businesses rely on the EU, and would collapse if we left. 78% of all firms favour staying in the EU. Britain is no longer a superpower, and the only way it’s going to have a real global influence is in a union.

They care about welfare. There’s no talk of privatising the NHS under Labour. Labour also care about energy prices, possibly to the extent that the Greens do, but are a big enough party to actually make a difference.

They worry about cross border crime, but welcome immigrants who will help our country prosper culturally and economically. They want migrants to integrate in our society, and want to reform the economy so that it is not so reliant on low skill migrant labour.

It proves that the country wants change. If Labour win this election, it will be clear that the country wants the Conservatives out. It will be clear we need proper change. Maybe Clegg will resign and give the Liberal Democrats a real chance, at least at a Labour coalition, in 2015.

Labour have plenty wrong with them. But with UKIP so dangerous, and most people tired of the Tories and Lib Dems, it’s time to vote different.