Goodbye Community

Community is a recent discovery of mine. A niche, outlandish and crazy sitcom that has quickly vaulted to my top 3 favourite sitcoms of all time. It’s got to the point in which I obsess about it daily, in the same way I once did Breaking Bad. On May 9th, it was cancelled, without getting a proper finale, or the ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’ that fans have been garnering for for years.

It got five seasons, or four, if we discount the mediocrity that was it’s year without creator Dan Harmon. By American standards, this is short lived, but for such a non-conformist show we must still be proud and satisfied of how long Community lasted. At first look, outsiders may say that we should be thanking NBC for keeping it alive for this long. But the fans now realise how little NBC knows about comedy.

NBC’s sitcom lineup has been struggling for some years now, with Parks and Recreation slowly falling in quality and viewership, where Community also struggled. With Community’s insane fan base, and Parks and Recreation’s incredible cast, NBC must be doing something wrong if episodes rarely break 3 million viewers.

Why they renewed Community after the critically panned fourth season, but cancelled it after the acclaimed fifth, is unknown. They had millions of devoted, obsessive fans like me. Fans that would have rejoiced and praised the network for being ambitious, if it gave the show just 13 more episodes. Instead, Sony are left fumbling to find a new buyer, perhaps Netflix, maybe Hulu, or even FX.

NBC had a critical darling on their hands but were blind to this. If another network picks up the show for another season, they will get overwhelming publicity and be loved by many. It’s an obvious business decision, but the logistics seem to be holding it back.

For now, Goodbye Community. From ‘Modern Warfare’ to ‘Remedial Chaos Theory’, from Troy and Abed to Jeff and Annie, we love you.