Threes! is More Addictive Than Flappy Bird, and 3x More Fun

Today marked the launch of Threes! a beautifully designed puzzle game from a relatively unknown developer. It is one of the smartest, and most well polished iOS games on the store, and I expect it to climb the charts very quickly in the coming days, even though it is a rare breed of paid apps that doesn’t offer in-app purchases.

The aim is to slide numbered tiles into each other, to combine them and create as many high numbers as possible. The catch: only matching numbers, divisible by 3, can be combined. This means you must slide 3 and 3 to make 6, then two 6s to make 12 up until 6144s 1 You can also add 1s and 2s, which add a whole other level to the gameplay. The game is over when the board is full and there are no more tiles you can match.

It may sound confusing at first, but in truth, Threes! is very easy to get started with, but very hard to stop playing. It could be the insanely cute sound effects, the soundtrack that is perfect in so many ways, or the actual game mechanic itself, but this is one of the most addictive games I’ve played in some time, and one of the best.

So download this game while it’s 33.3333% off, and say goodbye to productivity, and goodbye to Flappy Bird.

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  1. But that is fiendishly difficult, as according to game centre, the highest tile anyone has had on their board is 768, and only 4 people are yet to do that.