I’m Scared to Buy a Pebble Steel

The Verge, when reviewing the redesigned Pebble smartwatch:

That’s the risk for Pebble and every other would-be king of the suddenly hot wearable market — that platform owners like Apple and Google and Microsoft will be able to build true extensions of their operating systems instead of connecting your wrist to your pocket with baling wire and Bluetooth. It’s a danger that might still be years away, but it’s a danger Pebble needs to face head-on: the next goal for Pebble is to go take the Pebble Steel from the best smartwatch you can buy right now to the best smartwatch, period. That’s a tall order, but if the next jump is as big as the jump from the Pebble to the Pebble Steel, the company might just be moving fast enough.

They raise an interesting point. While the Pebble is an excellent watch; the new metallic design is smart and sleek, and would draw far less attention than the bulky, plastic previous generation; it is also in danger of being swallowed by bigger companies with bigger ambitions, bigger budgets, and better people. If I was to buy a Pebble Steel now, I’d love it, but when Apple release their much rumoured iWatch, I’ll realise that I was far too early to the game. I don’t want to buy something because it’s the best right now, I want to buy something because it is the best.

The Pebble Steel is fantastic, but probably isn’t the future.