Using Wood in Phone Design

The Verge report on Motorola’s thought process when introducing a ‘wood’ material on the Moto X:

“It’s a different way of thinking about products,” Ken Tomita tells me. He’s the co-founder of Grove, one of the very first iPhone case-makers, and a self-proclaimed “guy who knows way too much about wood.” Our gadgets are precious objects, he says, and we obsess about protecting them. “But materials like wood, and leather, that’s what they’re there for: to get beat up a little bit.” He sees it as a perfect, and welcome, contrast. “These tech products … are made out of aluminum, stainless steel, glass — it’s all these cold surfaces. We throw in the warmth, the natural material.”

For me, while I understand the ethos behind it, wood still seems tacky. Even leather does. The weathered look is unappealing to me, and just looks like the phone has been abused, and is dirty. If a phone is going to have wood as part of it’s exterior, I’d like the whole phone to be made of wood, not just one panel that is encased in plastic.

Technology is not natural, so why make it look like it is?