Happy Birthday, Mac.

I’m new to the Mac world. 2009 was the year I first owned a Mac, an iMac, the same one I use today. I’d upgraded from a Vista laptop, so arguably, I would have praised any new computer, but it became clear quite quickly that I would never own a PC again. I’ll always be saving money to make sure that my next laptop is aluminium and has an outrageous display.

It’s not just because they’re shiny. It’s not even because they ‘just work’, which they do, better than any other computer out there. It’s because Apple’s ethos, from 1984 to now, has always been solid and admirable. They want to make the best computers they can. Computer’s they would be proud to own. They want to change lives as much as they want to change industries. I just don’t see that passion from any other company.

So I don’t mind giving them a lot of money because I know they care. They were the first to act upon the potential of a desktop computer with windows and a mouse. And they did it well.

Here’s to another 30 years.