On Writing Again… Again

Writing about writing is something we all do, and all hate doing, because we all do it. But as I haven’t written here for a few months, there is no better way to start again.

Recently I’ve been shockingly lazy, neglecting the career that I will eventually take: writing. There were times in which I had no excuse and there are times in which I did. I will not digress and describe the things that took priority, and the reasons why being cynical here, reporting news at Neowin and writing tech editorials at Urban Times haven’t been at the forefront of my mind. Instead I’ll tell you how that’s changing.

Starting at the beginning of next month, when I have, to some extent, a break of the chores of A-Level mock exams, I plan to write here every day. I plan to comment on the articles I read and the videos I discover on Reddit in a Gruber like fashion. Lots of small posts, lots of links, not much time. It’s arguably the most fun part of owning a blog.

I will pick up my news reporting at Neowin once again, hitting my quota and trolling the Microsoft fanboys with Apple related news. I joke. I only did that once.

I love Urban Times, the third publication in which my time has been dedicated. Their mission statement, their web developer who has the skill of a Google employee, and their dedicated core team. I hope to begin writing more frequently there, possibly, and only possibly, taking up my weekly tech column after an embarrassingly long hiatus.

I look forward to seeing you in my site stats.