How the Windows 8.1 Start Button will Work

It has recently become common knowledge that Microsoft are interested in returning the Start button to Windows 8. Following leaked screenshots, ZDNet report:

… sources have emphasized that the Start Button won’t work the way the current Windows Start Button does — by opening up a Start Menu — that’s about all we’ve heard.

When users are on the Start Screen or inside of a Metro-Style/Windows Store app, according to my source, the new Start Button won’t be visible. It only will become visible if/when a user moves the mouse to the bottom left corner. Instead of seeing the thumbnail of apps that Windows 8 users see when the mouse over the left corner, they’ll supposedly see the new Start Button instead.

The Windows 8 start button therefore won’t be at all similar to Windows 7’s, and hot corners are still active. Thus, the start button and menu of past Windows versions are still dead while the difficult, and for many, confusing, mouse gestures that we’ve grown to suffer with, will continue to cause distress to the technologically apathetic, as well as the adept.