Microsoft’s Latest ‘Scroogled’ Ad

Microsoft have recently been on the offensive against Google, but in a leaked video, we see their true hate for the web giant. But here Microsoft are so very wrong. Their video outlines all the tracking Google does, as makes it seem as if it is a bad thing. In actual fact, as long as you trust Google, which I personally do, what they do with your data is only going to make your experience better.

Tailored adverts are beneficial for us users well as the advertiser. I don’t want to see irrelevant pop-ups, I’d like to see products I’m interested in advertised. Google does this marvellously. I am not bothered by how Google watches my location, the things I buy and the sites I use, as they come back at me with Google Now, a personalised list of relevant information which speeds up my day, and anticipates what I am going to search next. Even if this makes them money, I have a great experience, so I don’t care.

Microsoft aim their campaign at those who are naïve about technology, and are going to attack any company which knows where they live. It’s a dangerous and unfair move. Larry Page also seemed frustrated with the ‘Scroogled’ campaign in his I/O speech:

“Every story I read about Google, it’s kind of us versus some other company, or some stupid thing, and I just don’t find that very interesting.

We certainly struggle with people like Microsoft.”

Watch the video here.