Samsung Announces Galaxy Mega – Mega Only in Size


The first question that most people ask about those phones is: “does it fit in pants pockets?”. I’ve tried it (I wear 33/32 Levis jeans, for reference) and the conclusion is: yes it does fit. To be fair, the 6.3″ version of the Galaxy Mega is probably the largest smartphone that I can put in my pants pocket and sit with (and I can “feel” it at that point). The 5.8″ Galaxy Mega version should be perfectly manageable on the other hand. For women who put them in a purse, there’s really no problem at all.

The second question is: does it fit in one’s hand. There too, I would say yes (I wear M-sized gloves — see photo earlier in the review), and it is surprisingly comfortable to hold in relation to its size.

When I tried it, it felt extremely comfortable to use, not only for text or image-related apps like movies, ebooks, web pages etc… but more importantly in terms for productivity purposes, since the virtual keyboard is bigger as well.

Whoever wrote this must be a giant. I often struggle to comfortably use my 4.7″ Nexus 4, so I don’t understand how a 6.3″ device is at all useable, or “extremely comfortable.”

The only use for a phone this size is in China, where drawing symbols is the fastest way to type. But anywhere else, Samsung are crazy. There’s not much more to say, except to remind you that, according to the Verge, the phone is “low- to mid-range in terms of specifications”, so apart from the size, there’s no selling point.