‘Macs are for Idiots’, said the Idiot

If the term ‘fanboy’ wasn’t so hated, I would say that this post is by a fanboy, about fanboys, and will be incredibly fanboyish.

When I talk to people about technology, often there’s a strong vibe against Apple, and Macs[1], mostly from the geeks. They assume two things, Apple products are overpriced and their products are dumbed down and too simple. I can’t deny they are expensive and iOS is hugely easier to use and simplistic than Android. You can use a Mac if you’re 3, or 83 and only 3 out of 83 people will ever be able to afford a retina Macbook Pro, but that doesn’t make Apple products for idiots.

In fact, it’s skilful that Apple can create systems which can be used and loved by the technologically apathetic just as much as the adept. Of course, if you’re a gamer, it’s wise to buy a console, or a gaming PC in addition to your Mac, and you would likely be able to buy a really high end gaming rig for the same cost as Mac which is only mediocre in graphical capabilities. However most of these gamers don’t have any use for a mac with a retina display, or that is super thin.

What these Mac haters need to understand, is that buying a computer is a choice. Going Mac is as much of a lifestyle decision as drinking Starbucks instead of Costa. Macs aren’t for idiots, it’s fact that they are capable, highly specced, and pretty, just like many high end Windows ultrabooks. They are not for idiots. If you want a computer which does anything you want, you’d be an idiot to buy a Mac. If you want a computer which just works, you’d be an idiot to buy anything other than a Mac.[2]

[1] I never know when to capitalise the M in Mac. If I don’t, it fits branding, but makes me look like the ‘idiot’.
[2] If you’re about to call me a hypocrite, let me offer an alternative last sentence: You’d be an idiot to buy a computer with capabilities you don’t need, to avoid a certain brand.