Seeing Through the Novelty of Google Glass

Today, Google finally revealed the interface for their ‘cyborgesque’ headset, and it’s remarkable. Many of us tech geeks realised today, that however embarrassing it would be to be an early adopter of this device, it’s in many of our dreams to own one. There’s no need to pull our phones out of our pockets when we feel a phantom vibration on our thighs, or even glance at our watch for the time or notifications. It’s all there. All the information we need to know in front of us, all day long. Yet, I’m dubious.

Most people have remained sceptics about whether this futuristic innovation will catch on, and I remain doubtful that even with a significant drop in price, many people will be happy to walk around with one around our heads. Why? Because Glass is a novelty. It’s a cool device, and it probably is cool to have one, but we don’t need to see the time constantly, it’ll only make our day slower, and do we really need to take a picture with our voice, when we can get a higher resolution picture without embarrassing ourselves by calling “ok glass, take a picture”? Productivity wise, I’m sure Glass will allow us to get things done faster. But do we need our questions answered that quickly? Maybe if we’re skydiving and can’t reach into our pockets to bring up Google Now and see the length of the Brooklyn bridge. But when are we going to need to do that?

Maybe I’m missing the point entirely. I want a Google Glass. It’s innovative, even if it’s not useful, like my first iPad which I had no proper use for but was a cool novelty. Maybe the first generation of Glass isn’t meant to be useful. Like Apple did with the iPad and tablets, Google may be wanting to kickstart an industry of wearable computing, which they don’t think works best on your wrist. I love Google’s tenacity. But I remain incredulous of how serious Google are at making this something which will truly improve our lives.

  • I will buy one first day…

    …if only to constantly record my conversations with my wife (so that I can later PROVE to her that I told her so.)

    • Madeonlytorespond

      I foresee this ending bad for you… But at least you’ll have the glass to record the knock out punch