Apple’s ‘iWatch’: Entering an Industry it’s Impossible to Dominate

Apple like dominating industries. They’ve done it multiple times with the iPhone and iPad, and next they’re expected to control the living room with a TV. But recent contention has surrounded rumours of an iWatch. Bloomberg, when reporting on these rumours, has suggested that other companies will follow Apple’s likely venture into watches and wearable gadgets, and it’s sensibly argued that a watch is a good first step into wearable computing.

The introduction of a wearable computing device may signal a new direction for the consumer-electronics industry. Apple’s debut of the iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010 created the market for touch-screen smartphones and tablet computers that have been followed by companies such as Google, Samsung and Microsoft Corp.
Apple is right to invest in products such as watches, even if they don’t result in commercial products, said Josh Spencer, a fund manager at T. Rowe Price Group Inc.
“There’s more people that would wear an Apple watch than would wear Google glasses,” Spencer said.

But creating a watch, while not a bad move, creates much doubt in my mind. Clothes, and watches are unique samples of our personality. There are thousands of different watches in each price category, and the same goes for clothes. We choose a watch because of it’s looks, how it suits us, but most importantly, we consider if the people we know have the same item. Watches aren’t the type of thing that we all don’t mind having the same brand of, like smartphones and tablets. Watches aren’t customisable, like the content on our devices are, and design is often intricate and experimental.

If Apple will release a watch, they’ll sell many of them. But they won’t be able to dominate the industry. Everyone will want a different looking device, something unique. Unless Apple release 10 entirely different looking devices, and Samsung, LG, Asus, Microsoft even Google do too, they still will fail to capture the market.

Many of us have similar smartphones, but the wallpapers on them and the way we arrange our apps are often different. We all have similar bodies, but the clothes we wear, and the way we present ourselves is different. The watches we wear change our bodies, and our smartphones. We don’t all want to have the same ones.