Facebook Problems #1 – Graph Search

People don’t use Facebook enough. By this, I don’t mean people spend too little time on the site, but in the meaning that generally, it’s not used to its full potential. You can enter everything about yourself into Facebook, and make it super easy for friends and family to get in touch with you, find a birthday present you’ll love or locate you in a crowd of people. With Graph Search Beta rolling out slowly over the next few months, users are going to need to invest all their personal details into the network if Facebook’s new service is going to work well, as The Verge report:

As a recommendations search engine, Graph Search’s engineering is sound, but there isn’t enough data to fill it up. A line of code can’t fix the fact that none of my 150 friends in New York City have liked a single sushi restaurant on Facebook. “Every day, we get 2.7 billion likes, 2.5 billion status updates / photos, and 300 million photos,” Stocky says. With all that great personal data, it seems like Facebook could be earning even more. The success of Graph Search will be defined not by how much effort Facebook puts into it, but by how much users put themselves into Facebook.

We’re continually warned not to share too much of our personal information publicly, but as long as privacy settings are set accordingly, entering every tiny detail about yourself into Facebook is probably a good thing. My advice, is instead of continually posting links to 9gag, and poking your acquaintances, you should be using Facebook for what it’s for – staying connected.

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