Notes on a Bigger iPhone

There’s much talk of Apple releasing an ‘iPhone Plus’, a ~5″ iPhone which will compete directly with the vast array of Android devices which wield far more screen estate than the iPhone 5. Marco Arment has been quite vocal with his views on this hypothetical product, and it seems he’s looking forward to the addition to the product line.

If it makes sense to add another iPhone size, and they’re losing many profitable sales by not addressing that market — both of which I believe are true — then Apple will add another iPhone size. The iPhone is Apple’s most important, most profitable product. They can sell multiple sizes.

Here, Marco is absolutely right. Of course Apple can sell a bigger iPhone, there’s a market for it, but that doesn’t mean it will be a product which fits Apple’s high standards. A bigger iPhone will hamper usability, something which Apple will most definitely be against doing, and whilst Apple has never had trouble going against its principles and statements in the past, the ‘iPhone Plus’ is an unessential product, which will make Apple money, but without it, very few people will care. If Apple are losing iPhone sales because of it, I don’t see why they can’t add other ‘killer’ features to sway people back to their territory – they don’t have to increase the screen size.

Apple don’t care that there are Android phones with higher density displays, faster processors and better connectivity, so why should they care about the ones that have bigger screens?