jOBS – Inaccurate, Impressionistic but Satisfying

The indie portrayal of the life of Steve Jobs, ‘jOBS’, was recently premiered at Sundance as it readies for an April release. The Next Web reviewed the title’s impressionistic, yet apparently brilliantly acted portrayal of Jobs. It seems as if Kutcher does a superb job at replicating Steve’s unique mannerisms, which is really what I am going to be looking for when I get the chance to watch. In summary:

This isn’t going to be the canonical Steve Jobs biography movie. Honestly, Jobs was such a complex individual that I can’t see one ever being made. But, as an impressionist portrait of a specific period in his life, it’s successful. Don’t go into it looking for complete verisimilitude or whip-crack dialog and you should like it just fine.

While suitably inaccurate, as revealed by Steve Wozniak, jOBS is set to be as entertaining and complete a portrait of the life of the complex man who changed the world that we’re going to get. I do look forward to the official screenplay based on Walter Isaacson’s biography, yet sadly, it’s been disclosed that it is going to be a far from complete illustration of Steve’s life, however accurate it will be.