Why do some devices not get iOS 6?

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Do Apple plan obsolescence? No, of course not.

Over the last few months, notably the last few days, cynics, critics, and everyday users have been questioning the short life span that Apple assumes for products. A majority of people see tablets as computers, and therefore assume that they should last for 5 years with no problems. When Apple indirectly cut-off support for a product just 2 years old, the masses rise in anger. Yet Apple aren’t ‘ripping off’ their customers, they’re being clever, and consciously ensuring that all of their products work how they are supposed to.

The first generation iPad doesn’t support iOS 6. Why? It’s too underpowered to work with many features, including the power intensive new maps app, Siri, and adjusted UI. We know, that if Apple wanted to continue support for this device, they would be able to, and there is no reason they couldn’t implement Facebook integration and iCloud tabs on the first iPad, yet surely then, the upgrade would be so minimal it would be pointless. So they would be forced to update maps, and make UI changes, which would seriously slow down the 256MB RAM device.

Apple didn’t want this. They want every single iPad user to have a device which runs smoothly. They want the iPad to work as it was intended. They don’t want to cut off support, they respect the users who jumped on the bandwagon of their controversial, yet innovative product back in 2010, and they want every single user to have the very best experience with their devices as possible.

Tablets aren’t meant for 5 years. If you’re an iPad 1 owner, don’t you think it’s about time you upgraded, instead of complaining about missing features?