Another Indie Game Review: Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

As you may have guessed, I do like my experimental indie games, hence the review of ‘LIMBO’ which I published a whole year ago. But I’m back with another gaming achievement, which is Capy Games’ SS&S (which I’ll shorten the name to for the sake of typing less). This game was released a couple of years ago for iPad, and then for iPhone, which was when I originally played it, but only recently was ported to Mac and PC.

Now, this game is probably off putting for some, thanks to it’s graphical design, but actually, this game is immaculate, and beautiful once you get used it. A retro, pixelated feel makes playing this game easy on the eye, and in some respects ‘cute’.

The presentation of this game is undoubtedly raised to a new level through the sounds. Every environment is intractable through touching or clicking parts of the scene, like a puddle of water or a bush. And in crisp stereo, a response is heard. Not only this, but one of the best game soundtracks ever composed, in my opinion, adds to the feel, with well placed cues during epic battles or journeys. It’s unfaltering, so a big congratulations to musician Jim Guthrie here.

A simple, retro story line is presented through the use of short sentences which appear on the screen at intervals, and this are written very well. Comic phrasing makes them a joy to read, and I have to hold myself back from using the Tweet button for every single sentence.

Gameplay can slow at times, as much backtracking is involved, however this is quickly forgotten about once you find your way – it is very easy to get lost at times. Combat is good, and is based around strategy, which makes it really interesting, and not the random clicking which is associated with many games today.

So outstanding sound, look and feel, with a humorous accompanying story makes this a real feel good classic, and can be found on if you’re quick, for a price that you choose.

SS&S – 9/10
+ Beautiful Visuals
+ Outstanding soundtrack
+ Comically worded dialogue
+ Great for touch and mouse
+ Great strategy elements in combat
– Lots of backtracking
– Can get easily lost in large environments