This, is the worst piece of technology ever created.

Looks nice Doesn’t it. Sleek materials, and a lovely crisp screen. Except that screen is 5.3 inches, and is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. The Samsung Galaxy Note has sold millions worldwide, and on a recent trip to Hong Kong, I couldn’t go ten minutes without seeing a user. It even outnumbered the iPhone. But why is this slab of poorly designed glass so popular, when it falls behind many other, good smartphones, which haven’t sold half as many?

The truth is: I don’t know. At first, it may seem a good thing to have an extra large screen. It would be great for watching movies, and leave space for gaming controls without having thumbs blocking the graphics generated by a state of the art mobile chipset. But the Note doesn’t define itself as good at either of these things. Instead, it focuses on productivity, and most importantly taking notes. With a screen this big, it’s impossible for any normal human being to be able to operate it with their thumbs with one hand, they just don’t reach far enough accross the screen. So Samsung decided to introduce what the iPhone diminished 5 years ago. And that is the stylus.

Whatever happens, companies are convinced people want little cylindrical pieces of metal which are lost easier than a woman driver with a map to control their gadgets with. Okay, the stylus is good for quick sketching and note taking, but the Galaxy Note just isn’t good at either of them things. It’s too small. Hang on? ‘I thought you just said its too big?’. Of course, its too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet. The only use here, is you have an excuse to go shopping: for new jeans in XXL so the pockets are big enough for this slab of hopelessness.

Samsung, give up.