Apple’s Success is Causing Criticism

Success causes Criticism. If you know me, then you probably predicted that I was going to use Apple as an analogy here, before you even read the Tweet that directed you here. But here me out. If something, or someone is successful, it is indisputable that people will look for faults with them. Apple are at the forefront of this, with the release of their latest product: ‘The new iPad’.

It’s been heavily reported that the new iPad gets hot, and has poor Wi-Fi reception. In matter of fact, the iPad gets warm, but is still comfortable, and the first person who reported the poor wi-fi didn’t even attempt to troubleshoot the issue, which can be fixed by a simple, forget, then reconnect to the network.

No-one makes a big thing when a tiny bug appears in Android. In-fact, Android is known to be hugely more ‘buggy’ than iOS, but because Google are not the most valuable company in the world, they aren’t criticised for it.

Apple are successful. They aren’t perfect, but everyone isn’t perfect. You can’t deny what they do is good, so don’t pick holes. The same applies for people. If someone’s talented, don’t find their flaws. Accept them.