Facebook Isn’t Listening to You, But Delete Their App Anyway

WIRED ask if conspiracy theories about the Facebook app are true. Spoiler: they’re not.

Feasibility, ubiquity, and efficacy: Those filters demolish almost every Facebook conspiracy theory you’ll ever hear.

The short version to all this tin-foil-hat theorizing: There’s no way Facebook is eavesdropping on you right now. But it is tracking you in other—no less insidious—ways you’re not aware of. To quote the soldier’s maxim, it’s always the shot you don’t hear that ultimately gets you.

Facebook isn’t an ethical company, and like Google, it knows a lot about you. It knows enough to appear creepy and to target you with pinpoint accuracy. Realistically, however, they’re not listening to you through your phone, but they are watching what you do in every app they own from Instagram to WhatsApp (although chats, remember, are end-to-end encrypted).

You’ll gain a lot from deleting the Facebook app, from more battery life to a streamlined, less bloated web based alternative. But you don’t have to worry about them eavesdropping. They know enough already.