iPhone X: A Buttonless Future

Or not, according to Fastcodesign on a website that has an email sign up graphic overlapping its articles:

You’re looking at a UX disaster, the result of eliminating what is probably the simplest, most intuitive form of navigation ever implemented in consumer electronics: the iPhone’s home button. The iPhone X replaces it with the mess above. This is bad news, because this interaction is a fundamental part of the user experience.

I’ve read much criticism about Apple’s new gesture based interface on the iPhone X, but few are as bitterly resistant to change as this one. Just because the home button was once a fundamental part of user experience, it doesn’t mean it has to be for eternity. Criticisms such as these for the most part are silly and overblown.

The X is meant to be the cutting edge of technology. It feels like a first gen product and has its flaws and a learning curve. But that’s why Apple sell the 8 and 8 Plus. If you want a ‘classic’ iPhone experience, there are plenty available. Many users are and will be happy with older phones, and those who want the latest in technology can still get almost all the X has to offer with the 8.

Personally, using the iPhone X is a pleasure, and the gestures work almost flawlessly. A lot of work has clearly gone into making them feel comfortable and extremely fast. This phone is made for people like me, but it’s not forced on the people who aren’t. Apple’s gesture based interface is almost perfect and for an early adopter, no big deal.