A Short Letter to my MP Regarding Donald Trump

Mr Prisk,

I don’t doubt you are appalled by the extent of Donald Trump’s travel ban, and that you also want a good relationship with our trading partners. I also would expect that you have been inundated with constituents demanding a response from you that is stronger than the Prime Minister’s.

As an MP and a member of the Conservative Party you have a duty. To stand up for human rights. And to stop normalising the actions of a bigot.

The Prime Minister is embarrassing herself, the Queen, our country, your party, and you. Stand with many of your colleagues and prove to me and the country that equality, liberty and human rights are more important than party politics or trade.

Condemn the Prime Minister’s weak words. Ask for her to be strong, and bold, as our leaders should be. Ask her to treat Trump’s travel ban like the ineffective, weak and racist document it is, and to prevent an official state visit from him.

Thank you,

Nathan Liu