I’m Voting Owen Smith for Labour Leader

I respect Jeremy Corbyn, I believe in most of his politics and think he was the best Prime Minister Labour could offer a year ago. I don’t regret voting for him. This is why I am deeply disappointed to be arguing for the end of his leadership. Whether it is his fault or not, a nasty Parliamentary Labour Party and the media have ended his chances at success, stifled opportunity and destroyed his party. There’s nothing that the membership can do to save what we voted for last year.

I am angry with the Labour MPs who led the coup against him: those who resigned so quickly, those who defied their boss on national television. That is not how a political party should be run, let a lone a credible alternative government.

It is this infighting led by vindictive MPs and the media that has lead me to a sad conclusion. If a general election were held tomorrow, I would not vote Labour.

In an ideal world, with a co-operative parliamentary Labour party tolerant of the views of its membership, Jeremy would have longer to prove himself, time that he needs to demonstrate to the wider electorate that his Labour party works for real people suffering under a Tory party that drifts further and further to the right.

That can’t happen while Labour acts so petty.

Fortunately Owen Smith is a good candidate. He stands up for the type of investment that the whole country needs, and the far Left can relate to. He is the only leading politician to be vocally for a referendum on our post EU deal. He already has Prime Ministerial qualities that Corbyn needs time to develop.

Owen’s policies are clear, clearer that Corbyn’s. They are more thoughtful and more detailed and more appealing to the wider country. The media will have a harder time hurting a typical political like Smith, than a rebel like Corbyn, however wrong that is.

And so while Labour are wrong to abuse Corbyn and their own party like they have, and while it was wrong for them to manipulate voting by excluding new members, the only way to save Labour is with Owen Smith as leader.

Smith represents the same hope that made me vote for Jeremy Corbyn. He’s far from perfect, and it pains me to vote for someone who supports our nuclear deterrent, but as this year has proved, Corbyn can’t go on.

Corbyn represented hope for the poor and vulnerable, for students and for the NHS. So does fresh leadership. So does Owen Smith.