Jeremy Corbyn is the Politician the World Needs

Our country has a problem. People don’t care about politics because politics is a mess. It’s a club of elites breaking promises and hurting the people who really keep our country and its cultures alive. People are disengaged, they don’t care, they’re apathetic.

Jeremy Corbyn, someone who was obscure just a couple of months ago, will change that. If he were elected Prime Minister, the country would begin to—for the first time in a long time—represent us. It would represent the people of our country fairly. The United Kingdom would be a democracy again.

In this Labour leadership election we have the chance to put a man who will do things no politician has ever dared to do before into the running for the highest office of our country.

Jeremy Corbyn is favoured by 2015’s Ukip voters, Green voters, SNP voters, distrusting Tories and young people. And old people, and the middle class, and businesses who need well educated people from all walks of life.

Every child born should be born with equal opportunities. It shouldn’t matter if they have good parents or bad parents. Whether they are unhealthy or healthy, black babies or gay babies. Those born in the North should be the same as those born in the South.

They deserve choice, and fair, free education.

They don’t deserve to worry about being in poverty even if they work hard.

They can’t live their lives in fear of nuclear weapons.

They shouldn’t suffer because Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump are selfish and bigoted.

But they are. That’s how our country works. Finally we can change that. The Labour leadership election is a once in a lifetime opportunity to empower someone who truly stands against austerity and against the plague of inequality.

The right wing are panicking. The press are panicking. Much of the Labour party are panicking. Because everything they know—the corruption and undemocratic nature of our supposedly ‘developed’ country—is being put at risk by a 66 year old man with the biggest heart and the strongest drive of anyone in Westminster.

It might be a risk. Because Corbyn as a Prime Minister is idealistic. But is there anything wrong with idealism?

Corbyn can engage those distanced from politics. Nobody else can. Without him, the House of Commons remains to hurt those in need: the working people who drive our country.

He’s our only chance. Our one chance.

Take it.

Labour Supporters and Members, vote Jeremy Corbyn from the 14th August and spread the word.