The Shadow Cabinet Are Killing Labour

Harriet Harman in the Guardian, recounting the shadow cabinet meetings preceding the controversial welfare bill that the opposition party didn’t oppose:

“What I did was listen very carefully to the shadow cabinet about what we should do about it.” There was a show of hands. “Eight people wanted to just abstain, 11 wanted to have a reasoned amendment and abstain, and four wanted to vote against.” She decided to abstain with the amendment, but says she could not have won anyway. “There was never going to be a right answer, because the only right answer was not to have the Tories in government and not have the flipping bill in the House of Commons.”

This is a shocking revelation. Less than 20% of Labour’s heart wanted to vote against the welfare bill. It wasn’t Harman on her own; it was a collective decision to betray Labour’s core principles.

Labour’s cabinet would likely look very similar under any of the leadership candidates with the exception of Corbyn’s democratic one. By voting for anyone except Corbyn, I worry I’ll be endorsing a cabinet that will make Miliband’s mistake: not being a real alternative.

You can’t win without trying.