Marriage isn’t Religious

Former Archbishop Lord Carey recently stated that he felt that the Church ‘does not own marriage’, and I have to say, I absolutely agree. It’s 2012, fewer people are religious, and atheist couples are more common than ever (In the UK at least). Why should marriage be tied to a religion?

Often, if a couple want to marry without religion, they will have their service in a registry office, a stately home or similar, yet whatever the location, this is still called marriage; it’s not just a partnership. You don’t have to be christian to get married, but many christians feel you do. And that’s wrong. The Oxford dictionary defines marriage as the following:

The formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.

Where does this mention religion? Marriage is not a religious festival, and even if has been treated as one in the past, the past is wrong.

So if there is no real tie to religion, what is wrong with Gay Marriage. Gay couples most commonly only partake in civil-partnerships, because religions originally, and as a whole, are against homosexuality.

My point is, those who claim that Marriage is religious, that gay people shouldn’t marry because it goes against the bible, anyone who thinks that the church owns marriage, is wrong. As Lynne Featherstone today said, marriage is “owned by the people”. But maybe that’s the problem. People aren’t willing to accept. Or change.