Writing More and the Future of Remarked

I do love writing. I could be pretentious and passionate and talk about how writing is therapeutic and versatile and how it is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. But I would be a hypocrite—a liar even—because I don’t do it nearly enough.

Often it’s because of my sheer laziness. Sometimes it is because I’m fighting my taste and agonising discernment, or lack thereof. We all know how that feels. But I want to change that. It doesn’t take long to comment on an article or a news event; I do it every day on Twitter, so why not here?

I could post every day. That might be a stretch. But I manage to go to the gym on a schedule, and enough that it stopped being a chore, so I think I can do that here too. And then I’ll actually really enjoy writing again. Because when I get lost in my own words, it feels good; it is rewarding—a tonic for my frustrations.

That being said, I want this site to be focussed on technology and politics and at its best the intersection of the two. I want it to be digestible and full of opinion. Less of posts like this, more of what it used to be. Occasionally I’ll write something a little different, or something bigger and important over on Medium—that won’t change—but Remarked is my Twitter without a character limit and a with little more tact and perhaps a sprinkling of eloquence.

Wish me luck. And follow @RemarkedFeed.