On May 7th, Vote Labour

This could be the most important election of our lifetimes. Britain will change. Britain could fall back into its prejudice past. Or further into the hands of the undeserving rich—the bankers and Rupert Murdoch. Or Britain might, hopefully, finally, become a country run for us: the people. The hard-working and the deserving.

No matter who you are and how you are born everyone deserves to be safe, healthy and ambitious.  Labour understands that like no other party.

The Conservatives believe in a country where benefitting the rich is the priority. Ukip are not only anti-EU and borderline racist, but climate change deniers, homophobes and also prioritise the rich. The Greens, while admirable, deserve the seats they have but are too socialist to get any more; only vote for them if you’re in their targets. The Lib Dems can’t be trusted to hold their ground; they’ll change to suit whatever party will get them into power.

Labour, on the other hand, stand for:

Fairness. They will cut the irrational and harsh Bedroom tax that has claimed lives and freeze VAT, making the money back with a mansion tax, and by closing tax loopholes that benefit the underserving rich.

Education. They’ll lower tuition fees so everyone has the opportunity to a good education. And if university isn’t for you, they guarantee apprenticeships to school leavers.

A Stable Economy. Every commitment in the Labour manifesto is costed. There will be no additional borrowing in a majority Labour government, unlike previous ones who were, admittedly, wrong.

Health. Labour are the party of the NHS. They are the only ones, I believe, who can be trusted to keep it a top priority. Unlike the Tories who are busy making unnecessary top-down reforms, Labour will improve the NHS at the bottom, where it benefits you.

Under-Promising, and Over-Delivering. Miliband claims to be the first politician who will ever do this. I trust a man who doesn’t throw around unrealistic numbers for an election win.

Cutting immigration while remaining charitable. Immigration needs to be reduced. Our public services should only go to those who work hard in our country. But we must remember, and Labour do, that we are far better off than billions around the world. We aren’t always the number one priority.

Labour are the party of the people. They will help you and those who are in need. In a country led by Labour, everyone will have an opportunity to be who they want. Those who work hard, do well. It’s as simple as that.

Britain succeeds when working people succeed, not only when those at the top of society do. Don’t let the rich and powerful take away your rights and security.

Keep Britain fair. Keep Britain yours. Vote Labour.

And remember: it is your duty to Vote on May 7th, whoever it is for.