Last Minute ‘Spring Forward’ Predictions

The following aren’t solicited or backed up by too much evidence. But over the past months I’ve read pretty much every rumour and idea about what will happen later today and thus have some ideas I’m relatively confident about.

Apple Watch Pricing

Apple Watch Sport – We know this starts at $349, likely for the 38mm model, and the 42mm will come in at $399. It’ll come with a choice of sport band.

Apple Watch – I feel some of the estimations of this watch are too high. This is a fashion accessory, but I see it as the mainstream model. It’s always front and centre on Apple’s websites. I’m predicting a $549 starting price, up to $599 for the 42mm model, each with a choice of sport band. Other bands will be extra and cost considerably more.

Apple Watch Edition – $4999 is a good starting point in my head. It’s not too crazy, but it’s clearly premium. That would be a 32mm model, but as the sport bands don’t suit this model, I expect all bands to be sold separately — one won’t be included. Gruber hits the band price predictions head on, in my opinion but I really can’t see any combination that has currently been announced crossing the $5999 mark. Remember Apple are using 75% gold, to possibly save money as well as increasing hardness. This is a luxury watch, but not a Rolex.

Macbook Air

I can’t not believe 9to5Mac’s sources on this one. But if the change is going to be radical enough that all existing ports, including traditional USB, Thunderbolt and MagSafe will be removed it’s an entirely new product. The new ‘Macbook’.

But what if the new Retina Macbook was called the ‘next-generation Macbook Air’ much like the Retina pro was years ago. It’s very possible.

The rest is pretty much obvious or set in stone. There won’t be a TV or a car. And iOS 8.2 will be useful but buggy.