Don’t Blame Anyone for the Celebrity Photo Leaks… Yet

Just because there was an iCloud security flaw near to the time nude photos of celebrities leaked last week, it does not mean that Apple are to blame. Even though many of these celebrities likely had weak passwords, there is nothing to confirm that the ‘hack’ is their fault.

Headlines blaming companies and people are frustratingly inaccurate. It may have been iCloud’s fault, but a host of other factors could also be involved, as the Guardian report:

It was initially suggested that Apple’s iCloud service could have been compromised to access the images, but experts have said this was unlikely. Independent security expert Graham Cluley told the Guardian suggested that a hacker could have worked for years to gather information leading to the images, or could have hacked an address book with celebrity emails and then used phishing techniques, where users are tricked into divulging their password by fake emails. “My suspicion is that this isn’t an iCloud security flaw as such,” he said.

Wait for proper investigations to take place before making a judgment. All we need to know now is that this was a terrible exploitation that needs to be prevented somehow in the future. Celebrities are people too.